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Jumble Help - The word game reference tool

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Справочники Игры Обучающие Словесные
Разработчик uc2i, LLC
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Jumble Help is a great tool to assist you with many word jumble games, word puzzles and Scrabble© and even your homework.

What sets Jumble Help apart is the ability to solve not only for words but for phrases too. And its convenient to pluck any letters from your solved words to build a list of letters that are then included in the phrase you will be solving for.

Jumble Help is based on our fast anagram engine and dictionary of approximately 200,000 words optimized to give you the most likely solution.

- Solve single words up to 10 characters in length
- Solve up to a 4 word phrase with words of any length
- Build your list of phrase letters easily by tapping on any word
- Multiple word and phrase solutions displayed if applicable
- No Internet connection required